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Can I Get Dentures If I’ve Been Without Teeth for a While?

September 6, 2023

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patient receiving dentures from dentist

Are you facing the challenges of extended tooth loss and considering dentures as a solution to restore your missing teeth? If so, you might be eager to assess their suitability. Dentures have a well-established track record for replacing missing teeth, providing both functional and aesthetic benefits to numerous patients. Read on to explore the appropriateness of dentures and make an informed decision regarding your dental health.

The Problem with Missing Teeth

A significant concern linked to tooth loss is a phenomenon called bone resorption. In this process, the body responds to the absence of stimulation in the jawbone by initiating the reabsorption of bone tissue. Typically, actions like biting and chewing supply crucial stimulation to the jawbone, maintaining its strength and capacity to support teeth.

In the absence of teeth, the jawbone experiences bone resorption, weakening facial structure and increasing the risk of further tooth loss and complications. Thus, an ideal tooth restoration strategy should include both replacing missing teeth and preventing bone resorption.

How Dentures Function

Fortunately, bone resorption doesn’t make patients ineligible for dentures. In fact, dentures can help slow down this process. Various denture options are available, each designed to meet specific needs.

Partial dentures are an excellent choice for individuals with a few missing teeth, effectively filling those gaps. In contrast, full dentures are custom-made for patients who have lost all their teeth in either the upper, lower, or both dental arches.

Dentures typically consist of a base and replacement teeth. While dental implants may provide extra stability in certain cases, dentures mainly rely on muscular control to stay in place. For temporary additional support and stability, denture adhesive can also be used.

Avoiding Jawbone Deterioration

Wearing dentures regularly and correctly can significantly influence the prevention or deceleration of jawbone loss. Dentures offer stimulation to the gums, which aids in maintaining the strength and structure of the jawbone, thus promoting overall oral health.

It’s crucial to recognize that denture stimulation may not be entirely effective, particularly when dentures do not fit properly. Although dentures can help slow down the bone resorption process, they cannot completely halt it, as natural changes in the mouth persist over time.

Dentures continue to be a practical option for individuals experiencing long-term tooth loss. While they may not entirely arrest the process of bone resorption, they provide valuable functional and aesthetic benefits. With diligent care and upkeep, they can substantially improve the quality of life for those seeking tooth replacement solutions.

About the Practice

Jacksonville Dental Specialists, under the guidance of Dr. Matthew Nawrocki, delivers a wide range of dental services to patients in Florida. Among their comprehensive offerings are dentures and partials, which they approach with meticulous care, providing personalized and effective solutions for tooth replacement designed to suit each patient’s individual requirements. For additional information about dentures or to arrange an appointment with Dr. Nawrocki, please visit Jacksonville Dental Specialists’ website or reach out to their office at 904-323-0928.

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