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Soft Tissue Laser Therapy – Jacksonville, FL

Improved Precision, Comfort, and Effectiveness Via Dental Lasers

A dentist using a dental laser on a patient

Over the years, dental technology has only gotten more advanced. At Jacksonville Dental Specialists, we work hard to continuously incorporate technology that improves the treatment experience of all our patients. Thanks to the versatility and effectiveness of soft tissue laser therapy in Jacksonville, we can promise precisely that. If you are new to the practice of laser dentistry and curious about the benefits, feel free to keep reading or give our dental office a call today to confirm how it’s use may elevate your next routine appointment!

Why Choose Jacksonville Dental Specialists for Soft Tissue Laser Therapy?

  • In-Office, Board-Certified Periodontist
  • Outstanding Clinical Precision & Comfort
  • Minimal Post-Operative Symptoms & Fast Healing

What Is Laser Therapy? How Does It Work?

A dentist holding a dental laser

Simply put, laser therapy is the practice of using highly-concentrated beams of ultraviolet light to perform basic dental procedures. While laser dentistry has technically been around for multiple decades now, more and more practices are including it in their offices because of the numerous benefits the practice can provide.

The way laser dental tools work is not much unlike how traditional metal tools do. However, instead of metal tools rubbing up against your teeth, gums, soft tissue and other oral structures, a concentrated light emitted from a handheld device is doing so. The results are truly night and day as many patients who have experienced laser dentistry will tell you.

Ways We Use Laser Therapy

A woman smiling on a couch

One of the reasons we incorporated laser dentistry into the practice is because of its versatility. At our office, we mainly use laser dentistry to complete periodontal therapy. Gum disease affects nearly a majority of adults over the age of 30, and using laser dental tools makes therapy much easier to complete. Furthermore, laser dentistry is also ideal for your most basic preventive treatments, including routine cleanings. This is because we adjust the wavelength of the laser to remove plaque and tartar buildup. We recommend anyone who may be skeptical of laser dentistry to come to the practice themselves and learn how it can benefit them!

Benefits of Laser Therapy

A diagram of a dental laser pointed at a tooth

In the past, gum disease treatment would lead to significant discomfort and blood loss, making it a difficult treatment to undergo despite its necessity for treating the symptoms of gum disease. Considering the fact that their immune system was already particularly compromised, recovery would prove to be a difficult process.

With the help of laser dentistry, we can complete treatments like gum therapy:

  • In less time
  • With less bleeding and discomfort
  • Faster than ever before
  • With less time needed for healing
  • With greater precision, allowing for additional retention of healthy gum tissue