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What Should I Avoid After Dental Implant Surgery?

February 27, 2022

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woman smiling after dental implant surgery

As you prepare to undergo dental implant surgery, you may have questions as to what you can and cannot do once you return home. You’ll want to make sure you’re following the orders of your periodontist to prevent any delays during recovery. And you’ll want to minimize your risk for complications, but are there certain things you should avoid? Here are four things you’ll need to wait on until you’re given the green light.

Using a Straw

This one might seem minor in the scale of recovery, but it’s crucial. Why? Because after your surgery, blood clots will need to form to ensure proper healing. Anything that causes them to dislodge will only result in a dry socket, causing significant pain and potential infection.

Using a straw causes a suction effect that can easily displace your blood clots, so it’s best to drink lots of water but only straight from the cup.

Rinsing Vigorously

Similar to using a straw, excessive or vigorous rinsing can also lead to dry sockets. The day of your surgery as well as the following 24 hours should not include using mouthwash but instead only gently washing out your mouth. Too much of this or aggressive rinsing can irritate your mouth and lead to further bleeding. Instead, when you resume your normal cleaning routine, it is best to lightly swish the mouthwash or warm water around in your mouth before allowing it to spill out into the sink when you’re finished.

Using Tobacco Products

If you’re a smoker, you may be eager to grab a cigarette immediately following your procedure; however, this is not a good idea. Instead, if you’re unable to kick the habit before your surgery, you’ll need to hold off for at least a few weeks if not the entire recovery period. The reason is that smoking weakens the immune system. As a result, it can delay the healing process and make it nearly impossible for your implants to fuse with your jawbone.

It should not come as a surprise if your periodontist recommends that you quit altogether even before you undergo dental implant placement. This will not only lead to better overall health, but you’ll reduce your risk for implant failure once your prosthetics are in place.

Strenuous Physical Activity

You’ll be expected to take at least a few days off of work after your implant surgery, but if your job consists of hard manual labor, you may need to ask for at least one week to recover. Too much physical activity or exercise following your surgery can lead to excessive bleeding and swelling. Your gums and bone must properly heal to ensure your dental implants do not fall out of place.

You’ll also find that avoiding hard or crunchy foods are essential to prevent irritating your soft oral tissues. But you can expect your periodontist to provide a complete list of dos and don’ts, so you can ensure a swift and successful recovery at home.

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The team at Jacksonville Dental Specialists consists of Dr. Matthew Nawrocki and Dr. Richard Aguila. Capable of helping patients achieve complete smiles with dental implants, they make the process easy and enjoyable by providing the best possible amenities, advanced dental technology, and clear directions regarding post-operative recovery. If you are preparing for dental implant surgery, contact us at (904) 683-4781.

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