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Patient Testimonial: How Robert Got His Smile Back

November 23, 2020

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an older man standing outside with his arms crossed and smiling after receiving his dental implants

Missing teeth are known for causing a wide array of oral health problems, but they also negatively impact a person’s self-esteem. For Robert, a patient with Jacksonville Dental Specialists, his incomplete smile caused him to experience pain, embarrassment, and even unhealthy weight loss. Fortunately, a dentist in Jacksonville provided him with dental implants, allowing him to not only feel good about his appearance but also embrace a better quality of life. Read on to learn more about Robert’s story and why you should choose Jacksonville Dental Specialists.

Robert’s Story

Living with an incomplete smile, Robert lost a lot of weight because of his inability to eat. Lacking necessary molars, he was chewing with only his front teeth. As a result, this caused his remaining teeth to become loose and break. He even admits, “I couldn’t sit down at a meal with my own daughter and grandson without pain while I’m eating.”

After researching more than a year, he visited at least 10 dentists, none of whom would agree to perform work on his upper molars. After living with two sets of dentures, he decided enough was enough and inquired about dental implants at Jacksonville Dental Specialists.

Dr. Nawrocki and his team told Robert, “we can do that for you,” at which he admits feeling relieved, knowing they were about to change his life.

After receiving his dental implants, he looked in the mirror and couldn’t believe the dramatic change he saw. Now that he has a complete smile, he admits people walk up to tell him how great his teeth look, and he is now able to eat an apple, a steak, and all other foods because of his new smile.

Why Choose Jacksonville Dental Specialists?

If you are looking to replace your missing teeth, you can’t go wrong by choosing the team at Jacksonville Dental Specialists. Not only do they specialize in treating the most complex dental cases, but they are equipped with the latest, most advanced technology that produces greater results based on precise and personalized treatment plans.

When preparing to start your journey with dental implants, you will sit down with Dr. Nawrocki or Dr. Aguila to determine if you are an eligible candidate. Once they agree you can receive dental implants, they will customize your plan based on your individual needs.

Although receiving dental implants does take longer than traditional tooth replacement solutions (i.e. fixed bridge, dentures), the results are life-changing and well worth the wait. Offering greater permanence, stability, functionality, and a longer-lasting smile, you’ll be pleased with the smile you see.

Not to mention, our dentists will go above and beyond to ensure your experience is nothing but the best. From the moment you arrive until you receive your final restoration, we will be here to walk you through the entire process one step at a time.

About the Author
Dr. Matthew Nawrocki earned his Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry from the University of Florida. From there, he went on to attend the University of Florida College of Dentistry, earning a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree. At Jacksonville Dental Specialists, Dr. Nawrocki, Dr. Richard Aguila, and their team want you to feel confident in your appearance. If cavities, infections, and broken teeth cause you to wonder if a new and improved smile is possible, contact us at (904) 683-4781.

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