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What to Do About a Loose Denture in Jacksonville

January 15, 2018

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older woman eating lunchDentures can provide a wonderful replacement option for patients who are missing a substantial number of teeth — but only if they fit just right. Unfortunately, many older adults deal with loose or ill-fitting prosthetic teeth. If that is the case with you or a loved one, your dentist wants you to know there is a solution for loose dentures in Jacksonville. You just have to know who to ask!

Why Dentures Lose Their Fit

Once you have lost a tooth, your jawbone lacks some of the blood flow and nutrients it needs to stay healthy and whole. Over time, and especially when many teeth have been lost, this effect is significant. People who have lost a significant number of teeth will experience the gradual degeneration of the jawbone, which will cause a denture that once fit great to lose its fit over the years. Additionally, natural wear and tear on the prosthetic teeth themselves will also take a toll. Most dentures need to be relined (refitted) every five to seven years, even with excellent maintenance.

Signs of an Ill-Fitting Denture

Pay close attention to how your denture fits to ensure you receive a solution as soon as possible. Some of the warning signs that your prosthetic needs to be adjusted or even replaced include:

  • Slippage or movement when you eat or speak
  • Discomfort or rubbing of the denture in a certain area
  • Oral sores or blisters
  • Visible wear and tear on the denture

How to Improve Your Denture’s Fit

Your first step when you notice your denture isn’t fitting quite right should be placing a call to your dentist. We will examine the denture and how it fits in your mouth to determine whether a reline is necessary. Every denture requires this routine periodic maintenance. If a reline won’t help, we may recommend replacing the denture altogether.

Your dentist may also recommend a denture adhesive for a recently replaced denture. This fix can provide added security for a complete denture, which relies on natural suction to stay in place.

Patients who are eligible for dental implants in Jacksonville may also want to consider having implant posts placed to retain their partial or full denture. These tiny titanium posts hold a denture in place, taking the stress off the gum tissue and eliminating slippage and discomfort.

Don’t Wait to Fix a Loose Denture

Having a properly-fitting denture is important for your oral and overall health. Unstable teeth make it difficult to eat a balanced, nutritious diet. Oral sores that develop as a result of a loose denture can also place you at a high risk of infection. Don’t put off finding a solution for your prosthetic teeth! We can’t wait to help you eat, speak, and smile with the full confidence dentures can provide.

Meet the Practice

Dr. Matthew Nawrocki and Dr. Richard Aguila provide excellence in restorative dental care. To learn more about dentures or how they can help you enjoy all the benefits of a sturdy tooth replacement, get in touch with your dentist in Jacksonville at 904-683-4781.

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